Quran Competition – Ramadan 2020

Please sign up for SNMC Quran competition which we hope will increase your Iman and help you memorize Quran through Ramadan. This online competition will take place May 16-17th, 2020 in sha’ Allah.

The competition levels:

Level 1: (age 6 – 7) .. From Surat Al-Nas to Surat Al-Takathur

Level 2: (age 6 – 8) .. Surat Al-Fajr

Level 3: (age 6 -10) .. Surat Al-Mulk

Level 4: (age 6 -13) .. Surat Yaseen

Level 5: (age 6 -16) .. Surat Al-Kahf

Level 6: (age up to 29) .. Surat Al-Baqarah

Each participant must:

1) Choose one of the mentioned levels.

2) Participants from levels 2-6 will be asked to know a few lessons from the surah mentioned in their chosen level.

Registration required! 

Please register at:


Quarantine Kabout / Ramadan workshop

Looking for a fun way to spend time at home? Do you want to benefit and get a chance to see all your friends at the same time? Then you are in the right place!

Please sign up for our “Quarantine Kahoot” happening on Sunday April 26th, 2020 @ 5:30 PM . Where we will be engaging in an interesting discussion together about Ramadan for the first time in quarantine!

Speaker : Imam Mohsen
Topic : A beautiful story of the Seerah of the Propeht (SAW).
For boys ages 11-13

After this short talk will play Kahoot and have fun!
Valuable prizes (totalling $60) will be awarded to the top three players!

Sign up NOW at: