SNMC 6th ANNUAL WALK-A-THON & BIKE-A-THON on Saturday July 21, 2018: 11am-2:00 pm

SNMC 6th ANNUAL WALK-A-THON & BIKE-A-THON on Saturday July 21, 2018: 11am-2:00 pm


SNMC Walk-a-thon/Bike-a-thon is an opportunity to socialize, stay fit and take a neighbourhood walk or ride a bike with children/grandchildren or friends and enjoy the pride of the community – New SNMC Centre/Masjid.

It is also an opportunity to get sponsorship for SNMC Masjid/Centre from friends and family members for walking and biking. Part of the sponsorship fee will be shared with a local charity.

Therefore, each individual walking or biking is expected to raise some funds for SNMC Masjid and Centre.

How? It’s easy! Ask your family members or friends (even your work colleagues) to sponsor your walking/biking – each kilometer, for example, $2, $5, $10 or more $$$$…

  1. Register all sponsorships that you receive using the registration/sponsorship form click here (attach link)
  2. Come on the day of the event with all the pledges and give it to the SNMC administration.
  3. Sign the waiver form at the SNMC table before the start of the event.
  4. Take part in one of the routes – a short one or a long one.
  5. Enjoy your success at the SNMC Centre/Masjid with all brothers and sisters who found some time to take care of themselves, collect some sponsorship to benefit both SNMC and a charity in Ottawa, and share our presence with the neighbours.

Lastly, let as many people as possible know about the event and invite them to participate!

The event starts and ends at the SNMC Parking Lot, @ 3020 Woodroffe Ave, Barrhaven K2J 4G3 – SNMC Center & Masjid

ROUTE 1) Family Walk-a-Thon & Bike-a-Thon (kids welcome): 4.5KM (shorter route)

From SNMC site 3020 Woodroffe to Longfields

Turn left on Longfields — walk/bike until Berrigan Dr

Turn left on Berrigan Dr until Beatrice Dr

Turn left on Beatrice Dr until Claridge Dr

Turn Right on Claridge Dr until Gentian Street and that will take us back to the SNMC site

REFRESHMENT STATIONS: On the way, there will be two stations with water/ refreshments/guides: corner of Longfields and Berrigan…and of course at the SNMC Center/Masjid.

ROUTE 2) BIKE-A-THON: Biking only: 9KM (Runners welcome)
Start at SNMC site – parking lot – 3020 Woodroffe and continue to Longfields

Turn Right at Longfields until Woodroffe

Turn Left on Woodroffe until the first entrance of Sportsplex (just before we come to Huntclub)

TURN and then go back to the SNMC site using the same route.

REFRESHMENT STATIONS: On the way, there will be two stations with water/guides at Sprotsplex just before Huntclub…and of course at the SNMC Center/Masjid.

The proceeds generated from this event will be directly benefiting the SNMC project – The Center and Masjid and one local charity.

We thank you in advance for your support!

Method of Payment: By Cash; Online or a Cheque payable to SNMC.

Tax receipts will be issued for every pledge over $20.

Please note that every participant has to fill this waiver before the beginning of the event. (attach link to waiver)

Snacks and drinks will be provided by SNMC to every participant as the quantity permits.

Zuhr prayer will be performed at the SNMC Masjid/Center, Insha Allah.