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A short message to the Community

A Moment with Our Prophet, Muhammad (S) — By Imam Zijad Delic
Day 9: Wish for Others What We Wish for Ourselves
Reported by Anas (r) that Muhammad (S) said:
“None of you will have (complete) faith till he/she wishes for his/her brother/sister what
he/she likes for himself/herself.”
Source: Bukhari
Transliteration: “La Yu’minu Ahadukum Hatta Yuhibbu Li Akhihi Ma Yuhibbu Li Nafsihi.”
Note: The concept of justice cannot be defined any better than it is in this statement. In this narration the Prophet Muhammad (s) reaffirms the criteria of justice commonly known as the “Golden rule of Moses.” In molding our personality as well as in building a society based on universal justice, this hadith containing one “golden rule” of enormous scope can take us a very long way. Although we often are familiar with such hadiths, we do not scrutinize our life, behavior, and aspirations in light of this simple criteria of justice. If we do not like to be harmed, we should not harm anyone else, and this is true irrespective of race, color, nationality, gender, language, or any other artificial basis of distinguishing different segments of humanity. If we do not like to be offended, we should not offend others, Muslims or non-Muslims. If we like to be treated kindly, we should treat others kindly.
If we expect fairness from others, we should be fair in our conduct and judgment with all.