News Letter

Donation boxes at SNMC

Assalamu Alaikom and Ramadan Mubarak to our kind SNMC community.

SNMC would be placing donation boxes to collect the following on the indicated days and time starting today, InshaAllah:

Zakatul Fitr: $10 per person (minimum)

Zakatul Al Mal

Sadaqa Jariyah to support SNMC

Can pay by Cash, Cheque, machine and online at, as well as email transfer to

Labelled Boxes would at the main door of the masjid during Ramadan from noon to 8 PM Fri, Sat, Sunday, In Sha Allah.  ( We will notify you soon, if we can expand the days to entire week).

Please continue to observe the current rules related to outdoor gatherings and make your quick drop off and leave InshaAllah.

May Allah accept from you and Jazakom Allah Khair.