2021 Ramadan Updates (Pre-book your spot for Taraweeh)

You MUST pre-book your spot for Isha/ Taraweeh and Jomaa before you can enter the masjid daily.

Use our website to pre-book.

We will open the booking for Isha/ Taraweeh every day at 7PM (same day) in Shaa Allah.Jomaa booking will be opened every Thursday at 8:30 PMother daily prayers are first come, first serve until the capacity is reached.

Taraweeh Format

At SNMC we offer two Isha with Taraweeh. First one starting right after Isha Azan and second aprox one hour after.

after 1st Taraweeh you are required to leave quickly to enable sanitizing and allowing second Taraweeh attendees

For booking instructions have a look at our instruction video