8 +8 +1  Years in SNMC Development


SNMC has been providing community services for 17 years, since June 1998. 

So we can state SNMC is a  young person of 17 years moving forward at full speed to serve  the community.

By the grace of Allah (SWT), SNMC is  a stable, multi ethnic, inclusive community organization.

SNMC is growing every year and proving useful spiritual, social, education and sports services to the community. 

We (Asma & Emdad) moved to Barrhaven in June 1997 and started SNMC in June 1998  with few  families

at the basement of  city community building, 3131 Jockvale Road, a  Heritage Building. Al-Hamdu Lillah, we worked from 19998 to 2006, first 8 years,  to build as SNMC  as a multi ethnic, spiritual, social and education based service organization. 

After obtaining CRA Charity status in January 2007, we moved forward, while building the SNMC community, also started  to build mortar and brick SNMC  masjid and community center, for the next 8 years,  by fund raising along with  design and development and completed the unique building  in December 2014.

We have an amazing SNMC community and in 2015, last one year, added many new services like funeral and final journey, sports & fitness, facilities rental service along with on  going kids, youths, sisters and family services covering all aspects of day to day life along with spiritual service. Now we decided it is the right time to step back and hand over SNMC to new blood.

Please enjoy the long 17 years of SNMC journey at the videos, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3JWCcebPqY

and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tewcC8yKO9A

Al-Hamdu lillah, we were also able to put the organizations of Ottawa Gatineau  to work together, under the name UMO-OG, United Muslims Organizations of Ottawa Gatineau. We now celebrate Ramadan and  Eid together,  have yearly  ILEAD  conference and so on.

Transparency and accountability bring credibility to organizations. SNMC remains accountable to 

– Allah (SWT), 

– SNMC community, 

– Canada Revenue Agency as a responsible Charity organization, 

– Industry Canada as non-profit organization. 

Vision: We will be the Service Organization of choice for all Muslims and all Canadians, recognized for embracing inclusiveness and diversity in an environment of innovation and strategic partnerships. 

Mission: To provide a safe space and high quality services to kids, youth, men, women and seniors.

– Partner with other Muslim and community organizations in providing integrated services.

– Partner with education institutes to provide scholarships and develop community relations .

–  Support local families & partner with other charity organizations to help in oversees calamities. 

Values :

• Honesty, transparency and fairness 

• Accountability to Al-Mighty God, CRA and Community 

• Providing service to all Canadians irrespective of faith, culture and ethnicity 

• Respect diverse views and ideas to strengthen the community