SNMC Needs Support for Community Hall/GYM Upgrades/Enhancement


SNMC Needs Support for Community Hall/GYM Upgrades

Dear SNMC patrons;
We thank all of you donors and volunteers for helping to build SNMC center and masjid in the shortest time span.  All of you helped to build and maintain SNMC as diverse, inclusive, multi-ethnic and multi fiqh, a true law-abiding and contributing Canadian Muslims cherished community.

It is always full of musallees, kids, youths, brothers, sisters, and seniors for spiritual, sports and social activities. All ethnic communities use the adjacent community/gym halls for events and sports activities. Also, the School Board uses it for teaching French, Arabic and School subjects.

We are upgrading/enhancing the community hall/gym to make it better for sports and social activities and events. Further, SNMC is planning to install professional basketball nets in the GYM.

This upgrading will cost SNMC $50,000 and last week al-Hamdu Lillah, on Friday Jumah, all of us donated over $15,000. So we are looking to raise by next 3 weeks a total of $35,000 only.

Please donate online at by PayPal, MC o visa $1,000, or $500 or $250 or $100. It is our masjid, our legacy. We can pay online, by credit card or by pledged form at

Let us remember charity does not decrease wealth. Also, Allah (swt) will return 10 times every dollar we donate in this life and many folds in the life hereafter. May Allah (swt) accept our effort, time, and money. We will be successful if Allah (swt) accept our effort.

Let us seek His forgiveness and pray for his acceptance of our effort.