Imam Dr Zijad’s Corner: Having Good Behavior

Having Good Behavior

Reported by Abu Dharr and Muaadh ibn Jabal that Muhammad (S) said: “Beware of God wherever you are…And behave towards the people with a good behavior.” (Tirmidhi & Ahmad)

Transliteration: “Ittaqillaha Haythuma Kunta…Wa Khlaiqin Nase Bikhuluqin Hasanin.”

Note: This statement of Muhammad (S) demands from believers good behavior towards other people.

Good behavior and good character are an essential part of having Taqwa (awareness of God). Many people think that Taqwa, is only about fulfilling the rights of God, but this tradition illustrates to us that to have complete Taqwa, one must also fulfill the rights of other human beings, by treating them in the best manner.

This includes interacting with others in a friendly manner, smiling at them and greeting them, being calm and gentle and not having bad thoughts or saying bad things about other people, be they young or old, Muslims or non-Muslims.

Islam places a great emphasis on good behavior. Muhammad (S) said: “I have been sent for the purpose of perfecting good morals.” [Hakim]