SNMC: Dream and Vision for next 20 years


SNMC: Dream and Vision for next 20 years, SNMC will be 40 in 2037.

Al-Hamdu Lillah, we together, 100s of us volunteered and 1000s of us donated over the last 20 years since 1997 to build the multi-ethnic, diverse and inclusive SNMC community at the heart of South West Ottawa, Canada’s Capital.

In 2017 with Canada 150 Years, SNMC celebrated its 20th year.

Now, each one of us helps us to shape SNMC for next 20 years to celebrate SNMC 40th year in 2037.

Let us together develop next 5 years, next 10 years and next 20 years vision form today.

Please send us your ideas to, what you like SNMC to be after 5 years in 2022, after 10 years in 2027, after 20 years in 2037!

Thanks so much for your continues support!