Imam Dr Zijad’s Corner: Lying Blackens the Heart

Imam Zijad’s Corner:  Lying Blackens the Heart

Muhammad (S) said: “Truthfulness leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to Paradise; a person remains truthful until he/she is written as a Siddeeq (truthful person) with Allah. Lying leads to sin and sin leads to the Fire; a person keeps lying until he/she is written as a Kadhdhab (liar) with Allah.”  [Bukhari, Muslim]

Imam Malik records that Abdullah ibn Masud would say, “Each time someone lies a black spot appears on his/her heart until his/her whole heart becomes black and he/she is written with Allah as a Kadhdhab.” He also records that it was asked of Luqman, “How have you reached this level of excellence?” He replied, “By being true in speech, fulfilling trusts and leaving what does not concern me.”

Such is the importance of remaining truthful that the Prophet (S) said that a believer could at any one time perform one sin or the other but he/she could never be a liar. Shaitan incites us to lie, saying it is only one lie. But that is how the habit develops and before a person knows it, each black dot has had its cumulative effect of blackening the whole heart. The complete blackening of the heart is the proof a person presents to Allah to have him or her written down as a kadhdhab — a confirmed liar.