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  • August 1, 2017
  • Comments Off on Imam Dr Zijad’s Corner: WHEN FACING CHALLENGES, REMAIN HOPEFUL & PRAY

Among some essential things that help us when we are faced with challenges in our lives are a) remaining hopeful and praying to God.

Remain Hopeful:

The major differentiator between the people who get through their hard times with success and the ones who fail to do so is the fact that the former remain hopeful even in the most adverse situations. A Muslim above all should never lose hope and always remain optimistic because he realizes that Allah has brought the hardship on him and He will take it away as well. Once Prophet (PBUH) said to His Companions: “Evil omen is false! I like Al-Fa’al (good omen).” They asked about ‘Al-Fa’al’, to which He replied: “A good word.” (Muslim) The narration shows that Prophet (S) believed in the good word instead of getting worried upon any false omen. Thus, the message of hope is an essential element of Islam and a Muslim who loses hope actually gives up on Allah, which is not the Muslim way of dealing with things.


One of the most important resorts when it comes to dealing with hardships in Islamic way is praying to Allah and asking Him for help. This praying is not limited to Salat only, rather Quran recitationTasbeeh, fasting, supplication, and remembering Allah sitting or standing all are the forms of prayers in which a Muslim can find refuge in the days of hardships. The prolongation of hardship does not mean that these means of prayer have failed, rather, a Muslim needs to continue on performing the prayers as they will eventually provide relief from the troubles and would bring religious reward as well. Experiencing and facing hardships is an inevitable part of life, they fall upon every one of us. It is the way we respond to them deal with these hardships that matters and that effects the level and magnitude of suffering we experience in hard times. A Muslim should remain hopeful and complement the efforts he makes with faith in Allah and prayer for getting through the troubles gracefully.