Now, after a month of total submission to God’s will — a month in which we have demonstrated that obedience through our physical and spiritual beings, and through all the activities mentioned in the foregoing verse, is over — now, we must ask ourselves how we can best keep that Islamic enthusiasm in our hearts until the next Ramadan.

Now is the ideal time to focus on maintaining that accumulated Islamic energy of Ramadan, so that it can provide light and strength for us in all religious and social affairs during the entire coming year.

We cannot afford to lose this regained enthusiasm and energy! We cannot allow the Noor (light) of obedience, kinship and unity which we have brought into our hearts, homes, Masjids and communities to disappear until the next Ramadan comes along.

Therefore, I beg my brothers and sisters not to let our Masjids become empty now that Ramadan is over, for the saddest Miskin (orphan) is a Masjid without its Zinat (ornaments) – and those Zinat are none other than believers who attend them as we did during the blessed month.

Similarly, we must not leave the Qur’an gathering dust on the shelves until next Ramadan, for the true place of the Qur’an is in our hands, our hearts, and our actions.

Then let us resolve to demonstrate our Islamiyyat (the presence of belonging to our faith) in every moment of our lives; for none of us knows when the angel of death will come.

Once, Sufyan ibn Abdullah asked the Messenger of God (S) for the words he would not need to ask anyone after him and Muhammad (S) told him: “Say ‘Amantu Billahi’ (I believe in Allah), then be in Istiqamah (be persistent in that what you have said).”  {Agreed upon}

In fact, being a believer is not about concentrating only on one season of the religious year; a Muslim is not a seasonal believer. Muslims are Rabbaniyyin NOT Ramadaniyyin!

In Surah Al Ahzab, verse 35, Allah says that He has prepared forgiveness and a great reward for those believers – men and women – who endeavor to accomplish following duties toward Him: surrendered themselves to God ; the believers; obedient and truthful to Allah; patient and constant; humble themselves (before their Lord); give Sadaqat; fast; guard their chastity; remember Allah much with their hearts and tongues.

Now, as Ramadan and the festivities of Eid would become fond memories, we still have many opportunities to maintain the enthusiasm and energy which we have accumulated during this momentous month. Some of these duties are mentioned in the mentioned verse above. Here are some additional opportunities which are available to us all the time:

•  We should fast during six days of Shawwal: “Any person who fasted the month of Ramadan and then followed it by six days of the month of Shawwal, [it is] as if he/she fasted the whole year.”  {Al Jama’ah}

•  We should support all those community projects that contribute to building prosperous Canadian Muslim communities. (Please support SNMC’s projects and specifically “a prayer spot” project —

• We should improve our behavior and always regard Islam as the filter of our thoughts, words and actions. Others judge our faith on the basis of Muslims’ manners and behavior.

• We should also remind ourselves that we can never be a strong and positive factor in our own country unless we attain some sort “unity of purpose.” I am not talking here about uniformity. It is naturally impossible for Canadian Muslims to be alike, to think alike, to understand alike…Unity of purpose is not an option; it is a must! Almighty Allah calls upon us in the Qur’an to: “… hold fast all together by the rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves.”  {Ali ‘Imran 104}

The unity which we gain during the month of Ramadan grows and strengthens as a direct result of the serious efforts made by each and every individual in our community. We are all enjoined to work hard toward the goal of bringing peace, love, mercy and kinship to our Jama’at – our collective Canadian Muslim congregation — and to work just as hard on translating that sense of peace, love, mercy and kinship into Canadian society-at-large. This is our-not-only social obligation but a religious duty as well.