updated SNMC Qiam Al-Lail and Ihtekaf starting Thursday June 15 under leadership of Sk Abul Qods


As-salamu Alykum Brothers/Sisters. Ramadan Karim.

SNMC (3020 Woodroffe Ave) is pleased to announce that Qiam Al-Lail will be starting at 1.45am Thursday night June 15/Friday June 16 early morning  and ending at 2.45am.

Qiam Al-Lail will be led by Sk Abul Qods, SNMC Tarawee Imam.  Suhr from 2.45am to 3.15am  at snmc  community Hall

Also intending brothers and sisters for Ihtekaf at snmc should register with snmc office Ihtekaf is also starting form Today Thursday June 15 until Eid morning.  Under 16 boys /girls must accompany mother/father/guardian. There is a shower for sisters in women wash room and one for brother at basement guest room

Brothers at basement and sisters at women floor. For full time registered brothers and sisters making ihtekaf, iftar dinner and shur will be provided by snmc

One can do full 9/10day or few days or few hours one or more days. Please bring your sleeping bags, blanket and necessary clothing and toiletries