SNMC 2017 Ramadan Isha, Taraweeh and Fajr

SNMC 2017 Ramadan  Isha, Tarawee and Fajr

As-salamu Alykum, Ramadan Karim!

For logistic reasons and to have more focus on ibada, SNMC management in consultation with community has made the following arrangements

  1. Sk Abul Quddus and his team of Huffaz will lead Isha, Tarawee, Witr, Qiam Al-Lail and Fajr Salah at SNMC. Please invite your friends and families.
  2.   Short Talk will be before Isha Salah
  3. We hope Isha, 8 rakah Tarawee and 3 Rakah witr will be completed by one hour inshaAllah
  4. Next 12 rakah, and 2nd Witr will be lead by young as well as experienced huffaz, hope full will be done  by one hour
  5. First 20 days each day, we will recite one juz