Friendship Rocks”: A Gift of Friendship to SNMC from Adrienne Clarkson ES

Friendship Rocks”: A Gift of Friendship from Adrienne Clarkson ES
  •  3/3/2017 7:50 AM

    Hello Dr. Emdad,

    It was such a pleasure to meet you and the other members of SNMC on Wednesday. It was such a positive experience for all of our students – and teachers! We also thank you for the thoughtful gifts…the cake was delicious, and the children enjoyed the Kinder Eggs. Though unnecessary, this gesture was very kind and much appreciated.
    I also wanted to follow up with you to provide you with the letter in English and French.
    Chers amis de la SNMC, Nous sommes des élèves de l’école Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School. Nous avons peinturé des roches qu’on appelle “Les roches de l’amitié”. Ces roches ont des mots et des symboles pour communiquer notre message de gentillesse et d’acceptation. Notre communauté est diverse, e…
    English Translation:
    Dear Friends of the SNMC, We are students from Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School. We have painted rocks that we call “Friendship Rocks”. These rocks have words and symbols to communicate our message of kindness and acceptance. Our community is diverse and that’s awesome! The rocks are a gift for y…
    Some of  the students’ messages about about the rocks they presented
    • “I chose the word love for my rock because the world can always use more love.”
    • “I chose the word friendship for my rock because we can be friends even though we are different.”
    • “I chose the word community for the rock that I painted because all of us, with all our differences, are part of the same community.”
    French translation:
    • “J’ai choisi le mot amour pour ma roche parce que le monde a toujours besoin de plus d’amour.”
    • “J’ai le mot amitié pour ma roche parce qu’on peut être amis même si on est différent.”
    • “J’ai choisi le mot communauté quand j’ai peinturé ma roche parce que nous somme tous, avec tous nos différences, membres de la même communauté.”

    Adrianna Spicer & Stephanie Sulpher-Maloney

    Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School 170 Stoneway Drive

    Nepean, ON K2G 6R2 Phone: (613) 825-8600