A Gift of Friendship Rocks to SNMC from Adrienne Clarkson ES, Ottawa

A Gift of Friendship from Adrienne Clarkson ES
Dear Dr. Emdad Khan,
We are teachers from Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School, a public school in your community. Many of our students are muslim, and their families are members of the SNMC. As teachers, we were deeply saddened and concerned by recent events that have occurred in the United States and the terrible terrorist attack that happened at the mosque in Quebec City. We know that the children in our care are also significantly impacted, as they watch, hear and sense that there is fear and unrest in the world at this time.
  • When the children came to school a few weeks ago, many of them had stories of friends or family members who were impacted by the muslim ban in the United States, or had heard stories about the prejudices that are being said about certain religious or racial groups. Through our discussions with our students, we hope to help them use their voices and their actions to share kindness, tolerance and love. We hope to teach them that with our positive actions we can be louder than the negative we see in the world, and that acts of kindness can make a difference in helping to show others that we accept them and love them regardless of our differences.


    We have a gift for you and the members of SNMC. We have called them Friendship Rocks. Students from four different classes (grades 2,3 and 6) painted words and symbols of acceptance and love on small stones to represent the support from our school community towards yours. Through our discussions and this activity, we also hope that the students who are muslim in our school know that this is a safe and caring place for them and their families.

    We also wrote a letter to you, together with the students, and we would like to share that with you, too. Since we are French immersion teachers, the letter is in French. The students were quite concerned that you might not understand it, so here is the English translation as well.

    Dear Friends of the SNMC, We are students from Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School. We have painted rocks that we call “Friendship Rocks”. These rocks have words and symbols to communicate our message of kindness and acceptance. Our community is diverse and that’s awesome! The rocks are a gift for y…

    We hope that you will accept these small tokens of friendship and kindness from us. Please let us know if we may make arrangements with you to deliver the Friendship Rocks and letter.


    Adrianna Spicer and Stephanie Sulpher-Maloney

    Teachers, Grade 3 & 6 Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School

    170 Stoneway Drive Nepean, ON K2G 6R2 Phone: (613) 825-8600

    Email: adrianna.spicer@ocdsb.ca