Imam Zijad’s Corner: COMMITMENT IN ISLAM (Part 1)


Upon saying the Shahadah and becoming a Muslim, each individual makes the covenant with Almighty Allah. At this point of time, these individuals promise a commitment which is the essential foundation of any Islamic activity, especially in Canadian Muslim community (ies).

These are the individuals named by Allah as members of ‘The Just and Balanced Nation – Ummatan Wasata.’ They individually and collectively stand in the world as witnesses to humanity, as Almighty Allah described them:  “Thus We have made you a Just and Balanced Nation, that you be witnesses over mankind and the Messenger of Allah witness over you.” {Al Baqarah 143}

Being called Ummatan Wasata, having this status is a great honor but a great responsibility as well.  Meeting the obligation to be Ummatan Wasata and playing the role of the Just and Balanced Community are the goals set for the believing community in Canada.  To achieve these goals, the believing community must commit itself to the covenant made with Allah.

The best example of the commitment is found in the lives of Prophets, the Sirah of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (S) and the life of Sahabah.  Those who read it, first what strikes them is the high level of commitment of early Muslim community to the cause of good in the name of Allah.

1. Look at the commitment of Bilal (r.a) who was tortured under the Arabian sun. (We are not asked to sacrifice so much!) Look at the faith which he had. Look at the words: Ahad, Ahad, Ahad (only One God). Look at the power of his sincere Iman. Look at his struggle for social justice! Look at his readiness to sacrifice that others could have freedom.

2. Look at the commitment of Abu Bakr! He leaves his property, good social status among the Quraysh and follows the Din of Islam. He gives ALL for the pleasure of Allah and betterment of people/community.

3. Look at the personality of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (S), his Iman, and his energy.  He refuses all the gifts, power of Duniya by choosing the Din of Allah:  ‘If you would give me the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand I would never stop the mission ordered by Allah.’

4. Look at the lives of Allah’s Prophets such as Ibrahim and his son Ismail and you will find amazing examples of self-sacrifice and commitment.

(to be continued in the next issue of the enewsletter)