Intensive In-depth Fiqh Classes at SNMC


In-depth Fiqh Classes will be taught in Arabic by Sheikh Salah Eldeen Alidlbi from Jan 1st to Jan 3rd in Ottawa at SNMC mosque, 3020 Woodroffe Ave.

Participants will be taught how to approach Islamic sciences, the deep details of taharah and salah, along with special topics.

Questions are welcomed and encouraged.

The classes are aimed at those fluent in Arabic and those who speak but may have never studied in Arabic before. It is a great opportunity to improve your Arabic while studying the sciences in its original language.

Fees: Free, registration required.

Interested? Send an email to with your name and phone number to register or for more information.

Sheikh Salah Eldeen Alidlbi is a scholar, and a son and grandson of scholars. He is well versed in a vast number of Islamic sciences and has an intense interest in hadeeth. He has taught Islamic sciences for decades in a number of universities and is currently visiting Canada. This is a great opportunity to learn directly from this caliber of scholars.

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