Our Biggest Regret and How to Avoid it


Your biggest regret (and how to avoid it).

It’s 2.57am.

You missed your flight so took a cab back home to avoid disturbing anyone. It’s late and pouring with rain.

As you turn the key in the lock – your clothes drenched – you hear laughter from inside. Who could that be?

You step inside your home. Something’s different. There’s a strange and distinct smell inside.

You walk into the living room and see your 17-year old child’s friends.

Suddenly there’s silence.

You look around and spot your own child. Red, bloodshot eyes.

  • “What on earth is that?!”
  • “Nothing!”
  • “Get out of my house”

You find out it’s been going on for a couple of years without you even knowing.

You’re devastated, trembling with anger. You feel sick, your stomach curling.

Once the anger calms down, you ask yourself HOW this even happened?

“What have I done wrong?”

“How could my small child go from being that cute and innocent kid – maybe cheeky – to now taking drugs?”

But this would never happen to you…


Or could it?

Every year thousands of mums and dads have to feel this terrible pain. And even though everyone thinks it will never happen to them, it does happen. And it happens to many parents.

So what would they have done differently?

What’s one of the biggest regrets that parents with older children tend to have?

If you have younger children, this is a serious question that needs thinking about so you can avoid having the same regrets when your kids get older.

Very often, we hear about kids in their late teens falling into unthinkable misdeeds due to bad company and peer pressure.

We often hear parents blaming their children’s failures on their choice of friends.

They wonder why their kids have started smoking or taking drugs, are rude to their parents, and are constantly hanging around with really bad friends who have more influence on them than they do!

In reality however, the real question we should be asking is what have WE done to build a solid foundation for our kids. A foundation that gives them the ability and strong will-power to avoid doing wrong, regardless of who else is doing it.

On the flip side, we see some parents whose children can seemingly do no wrong. They excel in their religion and their studies, as well as having well-rounded, amazing personalities.

So what’s the key to giving your children a powerful start so they have the opportunity to build not only a strong relationship with Allah, but also a character that has a wider outlook, helping them to become more mature, responsible and intelligent?

How can you get your children to choose the right type of company?

And what would it mean for your children’s future if you were able to embed in them highly motivating values that guide them throughout their lives?

At Radiant Drops we believe that we need to give our children a powerful foundation so we can confidently say that we’ve done our utmost best to ensure they have the highest chances of growing up with a strong connection to Allah.

That means: knowing Allah is always watching and hearing them (whether or not you’re there), and having strong chances to succeed in life. It means to make their role models the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and his companions, instead of Hollywood stars and singers.

It also means to be more mature and intelligent, performing to the best of their abilities in all aspects of their lives – whether it comes to their studies, relationships with others, or their relationship with Allah.

In the last email we spoke about our latest project designed especially for children, which we’re launching in the next few days In sha’ Allah.

We’re really excited about this and know you will be too In sha’ Allah!

We strongly believe that we can help shape our children’s lives at an early age. However, we must take firm action early.

So look out for our next few emails, since we’re about to launch something super special. There will be lots of people interested In sha’ Allah, so make sure you don’t lose out.

Let’s not be those parents who regret not doing something for our children while we had the chance.

Instead, be the mum or dad of children who truly had the best start in life…

 From Radiant Drops