We helped to build SNMC, Now let us help to Pay off Loan in this Ramadan


Dear Brothers and Sisters, As-Salamu Alykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu.

We know, all of us have been donating for the last 9 years since March 2007. With your support, volunteering, dua and donation, Al-Hamdu Lillah, we completed the SNMC Center & Masjid in Dec 2014. We now have now  a large place for 3,000 persons for spiritual, social, education and sports activities for kids, youths, sisters, brothers and seniors. We are not anymore under the watchful eye of city employees or looking for a place to perform Jumah or Tarawee or Eid Prayer or hosting any events.

We have monthly $25,000 for imam, office manager, care taker,  untility bills, maintenance contracts. Let us every one of our family as monthly spiritual bill donate , $30 or $20 or even  $10

We have monthly maintenance as well as loan to pay off. It is our legacy in Ottawa, Canada

Please help to pay off Loan of $900,000.

Good news, Prophet Muhammad (Sas) stated, charity does not decrease wealth rather for every $100 donation we will get at least 10 times in this Dunya,  i.e. $1,000  or 700 times or 4900 times or without hisab. Please donate  $500, $250, $100  or at least $50 online at snmc website www.SNMC.ca, by MC, Visa, Amex or PayPal.

In Ramadan , we get 70 times more reward for every act of good deed.Who give in Charity, and have God Consciousness and follows the true path, God makes his path to Jannah  Easy ( surah Al-Lail)

Please call or text or email 10 of our friends and family members.  InshaAllah, we will get reward year after year for every one who comes to SNMC  for Salah, Quran, Social, sports or education programs as well it will help us in paying off SNMC loan. Think off how many kids and youths are saved and feels proud as Canadian Muslims?